Privacy Policy


    This site does not collect cookies and the blog service used for this site is also configured not to collect any cookies.

    Google Analytics is configured for this site. This gives me data on where people are from who visit the site as well as what browser is used, what gender a person is, the operating system of the device used, and screen resolution. I will not share or use this info for any purposes other than my own curiosity.

    If you wish to protect your privacy I recommend the applications located at the bottom of this page. I do not benefit from your use in the below applications in any way. These are just what I use and have researched. 

I am an advocate for online privacy. 

    Whenever you download an app, visit a website or use social media, majority of the time that company is collecting data on you. We buy things, look up medical conditions, interact with friends, you name it. These actions inadvertently create huge digital  stockpiles of data on everyone using them. It may not be PII but these companies still collect data containing what you do on the web and sell that data.

    A data broker is a newly created job position/title where data is collected and maintained to be analyzed, packaged, and sold without the user’s knowledge or permission. The data is usually sold for targeted advertising, credit risk assessment, and direct marketing. 

    Privacy is a limit on Government and private sector company power. The more someone knows about you the more power they may gain over you. This information can be used to shape behaviors, influence decisions, affect reputations, and in the wrong hands can be used for harm. 

    Privacy is the freedom of thought and free speech. A watchful eye over everything we read or watch can prevent us from exploring ideas outside the norm. Privacy protects people who speak unpopular messages and does not just protect fringe activities. 





NOTE: Microsoft Edge is the safest browser. It’s limited functionality prevents malicious applications from having the ability to do harm inside your browser and on your computer. 


  • Privacy Badger (Prevents Site Tracking. You can tell sites not to track you but they do not have to listen. Privacy Badger makes sure they do)
  • AdBlock Plus or
  •  uBlock Origin (Block ads such as those in YouTube Videos)
  • HTTPS Everywhere (Encrypts communications between the site and your computer always)


Password Advice: 

    If you do not already have one it is a great idea to get a password manager and put in the effort to create strong passwords for any and all sites you use a password to login to. After you are sure you have moved everything into the password manager set up Multi Factor Authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator App for as many as those logins as possible. At the very least use MFA for your password manager login. Google has an authentication app however it does not save the MFA entries. This means you risk being locked out of all of your accounts until you jump through hoops to reset all the passwords. The last thing on Goolge's agenda is privacy. I conspiracy theoraly believe they want to discourage the everyday user from using MFA. Bitwarden and LastPass password managers are my personal favorites. Web browser password managers are not good enough. Any passwords stored in your browser need to be deleted. Turn off the option for the browser to offer to save passwords.